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Obtaining access to the Expected & Movements sections

Posted: 24 Jul 2017, 18:40
by MST-Aviation
If you would like to obtain access to the Expected & Movements sections you can request authorization.

In order to qualify for approval of your request you need to take the following into consideration:
- you cannot use fake e-mail accounts, we will communicate with you in advance to confirm your request;
- you will need to agree and confirm that you commit not to share or reproduce any content of the secured pages in any form (WhatsApp, screenshots, Facebook or other media) to third parties. If a breach of this commitment is noted by our crew you will be removed from the secured pages immediately and measurements will be taken accordingly;
- approved users are obliged to report any misconducts if noted, so that immediate action can be taken by the crew.

To obtain access to the Expected & Movements sections, send an email to with the following information:
- Your MST-Aviation username;
- Your first- and lastname;
- A small motivation why you would like to have access.

This personal data will only be used for authorisation and will be treated with confidentiality. We will contact you via email if your request has been approved.

For any question regarding this authorisation contact us at


Posted: 16 Jan 2022, 11:54
by Chinaglapy
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