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Re: [NEWS] MST - Sky Gates Airlines

Postby popijopi » 30 May 2017, 13:30

Siem wrote:
popijopi wrote:
dakl wrote:So the next 744F for SkyGates will be VP-BCH :).
Hopefully they will repaint it in gray silver SkyGates colors.

acc. section movements of may 29tn both planes at MAA VP-BCH as AZG081/82.
ops earlier started or am I wrong ?
Unfortunately, you're wrong. ;) VP-BCH performs the Silk Way West flight today. Currently one weekly flight, but this will grow to four. Silk Way West will perform these flights in addition to the four flown by Sky Gates according the a news item in the Silk Way topic. Sky Gates' second aircraft, very likely to be VP-BCH, is expected to join the fleet in mid-June.

Thanks for expl. you're right, VP reg. code belongs to Bermuda and will not change by transferring plane to Sky gate next month.

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Re: [NEWS] MST - Sky Gates Airlines

Postby koeniedb » 31 May 2017, 10:49

As SkyGates will fly more to the new cargo terminal at Zhukovskiy Airport near Moscow it will fly less to Baku.
At that time the 4 SW West flights will take over the work SkyGates is now bringing to Baku.

it seems the cargo terminal will open soon now as they will get a second aircraft (VP-BCH) and SW West is going to perform 4x a week a flight MST-GYD.

see also: http://www.rusaviainsider.com/sky-gates ... this-year/

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Re: [NEWS] MST - Sky Gates Airlines

Postby MST-Aviation » 18 Jun 2017, 11:34

All Sky Gates flights are cancelled untill further notice, flights will be operated by Silkway for the time being!
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